Our technologies and products


CES has a diverse portfolio of technologies that addresses the causes of energy inefficiencies at your facilities, as well as diverse options for energy sources.

  • Static & Dynamic Power Conditioners

  • Harmonic Correction Systems

  • Evaporative Cooling

  • Lubricants

  • Heat Recovery

  • Efficient Steam Traps

  • State of the Art Lighting & Controls​

  • Solar



  • Energy Billing Reviews and Audits

  • Investment Grade Energy Audits

  • Efficiency projects performance measurement and verification (M&V)

  • General Electric Services

  • Maintenance and Repair Services (HVAC, Power Generators, Substations)

our approach

​The CES approach consists of an integrated methodology that looks at your facility as an integral unit.


Preliminary evaluation of electrical loads and system.

​Billing Analysis

  • Helps us quantify if we can be of help.

  • CES has recovered for our clients over $2.5 M anually in billing errors.​​​


Investment Grade Energy Audit:

Data gathering and in-depth analysis to determine the unique makeup of your electrical distribution system and the exact load usage of your building's envelope.

  • Inspection and mapping of the electrical distribution system.

  • Inventory of all loads, machineries, refrigerators, HVAC, lighting and resistive loads and their respective hours of use and electrical characteristic while in operation.

  • High resolution and accurate logging of major electrical and power quality characteristics of key distribution nodes.

Customized Turnkey Solution & Proposal:

  • Multiple iteration modeling of facilities is processed.

  • In-depth analysis of savings opportunities, and selection and placement of appropriate energy conservation measures (ECMs).

  • Additional computer iterations of identified ECM's to obtain optimum cost-effective savings.

  • Computer modeling to simulate system-wide performance.

  • Detailed project proposal specifying what will be done, where it will be installed and how it will work.

  • Full financial analysis of savings versus costs is presented to facilitate determination of project's viability and aligment with capital investment guidelines and business priorities.


  • Pre-installation survey and review is conducted to finalize details of what, when, where and how ECM's will be installed.

  • Review of how savings will be measured & verifed is conducted with key stakeholders.

  • Installation is performed by certified professionals according to applicable codes, regulations, and facility-specific safety and operational requirements.

  • Installation is non-intrusive and will not interfere with the operation and daily routines.


Your savings and results are our objectives. Others who dabble in energy efficiency complete their work at Installation. We don't!

  • Our technologies are backed up by three-year, five-year warranty or more based on the technology installed.  The warranty period can be extended up to 20 years.
  • Installation is verified/certified and Warranty Certificate is issued.
  • We provide Measurement and Verification (M&V) with every project.  M&V is critical to assuring our customers that savings are delivered.  Our experts are Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals, and trained on the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).
  • As a minimum, a quaterly follow up is performed during the project's payback period to verify the savings and make sure each customer is satisfied with the ongoing results.​

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